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NOTE: My pages are very outdated (as of 07/07/2002) but please click around.

Welcome to my humble home...page.

I'm here to establish dialog with others of similar (and dissimilar) values. You'll learn more about me (probably more than you want), my observations and perspectives. Some of my thoughts on various topics are posted. I am here to exchange ideas. I encourage comments and responses to what I've written. Tell me what you like or dislike, what you agree or disagree with, what has helped or confused you, and how your view differs from mine. I'll include your responses if you want.

If you are interested in genealogical research, you may want to review my ancestors. Maybe we're cousins.

I'll be adding new ideas frequently. You'll want to visit often. Check my list of changes to see what's new.

Know a web site I might be interested in (even your own)? Let me know.

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Some of my many facets

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