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Corridor III Parents Club


Corridor III
Lewis and Clark School - Grades K-2 Eunice Smith School - Grades 3-5
6800 Humbert Road
(618) 463-2177
Hours - 8:35 to 2:45
Patricia King, Principal
2400 Henry Street
(618) 463-2077
Hours - 8:15 to 2:25
Brenda Vernatti, Principal

Welcome to Corridor III Parent's Club's Home on the Web!!!

Please keep sending in Campbell's Soup Labels and the General Mills' box tops to our schools! They are greatly appreciated.
Label info - for more information.

COMING SOON: We would like to include a page with parents' and teachers' e-mail addresses.

If you are a parent or teacher from Corridor III (no students), please send in your e-mail address and we will list it.
Hopefully, this will be a new way to build communication.

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