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How-deee!!!! Welcome to Snowfyre's Downhome Place.
Take them shoes off...
Set a spell....
We'll have swee' tea and talk some!

Well lookee who's comin' in the door?!
A bunch of the sweetest and sassiest belles...
Why jest set yourselves down and
let's chat...

Dear, dear...do ya need a lil' southern comfort?
Have a hankie...we're all ears...and sympathy.

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The Country Grapevine - Where Florida Turns For Country

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These are the links for the rest of my pages!!!
Hope you enjoy them...I have fun planning them!
Please do not think you have to keep coming back
to this page to get to them! Each page has a link on it
for your viewing convenience!!!!

Abundant Life Page
Church Shopping?
In Honor of Women
In Honor of Women is a site devoted to our uniquness
as women. If you need some encouragement, visit this site!
You'll be glad you did!

Special Sites...
By the way, Special Sites is a listing of rings I belong to,
such as Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness
also has a link to a site where you can donate a free
mamogram for someone you love. Please be sure and check out
this important free resource. You may just save someone's

Also on this site are some other wonderful rings.
Christian Women of the Web;The Rapture Trail; and others.
Please check them out!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!
That's What Friends Are For...

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Abundant Life Site...

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plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

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