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  • Elvin Jones (1927): Elvin! (1961-1962: Ojc); Heavy Sounds (1968: CD Impulse); Poly Currents (1969: CD Blue Notes); Live at the Lighthouse, voll. 1-2 (1972: CD Blue Notes); In Europe (1991: CD Enja).

  • Jack DeJohnette (1942): Comple (1968: CD Milestone); New Directions (con Lester Bowie, 1978: ECM); Special Edition (con David Murray/Arthur Blythe, 1979: ECM); New Directions in Europe (con Lester Bowie, 1979: ECM); Special Editions - Tim Can Alley (con Chico Freeman, 1980: ECM); Parallel Realities (1989: MCA); Earth Walk (1991: CD Blue Notes).

  • Billy Higgins (1936): The Soldier (1979: CD Timeless); Bridgework (1980-1986: Contemporary).

  • Tony Williams (1945): Lifetime (con John McLaughlin, 1964: CD Blue Note); Spring (1965: Blue Note); Emergency! (con John McLaughlin, 1969: Polydor); Foreign Intrigue (1985: Blue Note); Civilisation (1985-1986: Blue Note); Angel Street (1988: Blue Note); Native Heart (1990: CD Blue Note); The Story of Neptune (1991: CD Blue Note).

  • Max Roach (1924): And Clifford Brown in Concert (1954: CD Vogue); Jazz in 3/4 Time (1956-1957: EmArcy); Plus Four at Newport (1958: EmArcy); Deeds, Not Words (con Booker Little, 1958: Ojc); We Insist! Freedom Now Suite (con Booker Little/Coleman Hawskins/Abbey Lincoln, 1960: Candid); It's Time (1962: Impulse); Speak Brothes, Speak (1962: Debut); Drums Unlimited (1965-1966: Atlantic); Birth and Rebirth (con Anthony Braxton, 1978: CD Black Saint); Pictures in a Frame (1979: Soul Note); Historic Concerts (con Cecil Taylor, 1979: Soul Note); The Long March (con Archie Sheep, 1979: Hat Art); Collage (con M'Boom, 1984: Soul Note); Survivors with String Quartet (1984: Soul Note); Easy Winners (1985: Soul Note); Max + Dizzy - Paris 1989 (1989: CD A&M); To the Max! (1990-1991: CD Enja).

  • Art Blakey (1919-1990): The History of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers (1947, 1954-1981: cofanetto CD Blue Note); A Night at Birdland, voll. 1-2 (con Clifford Brown, 1954: CD Blue Note); Tha Jazz Messengers at the Cafe' Bohemia, voll. 1-3 (1955: CD Blue Note); Moanin' (1958: CD Blue Note); The Big Beat (1960: Blue Note); Caravan (1962: Ojc); Ugetsu (1963: Ojc); Thermo (1962-1964: Milestone); Free for All (1964: Blue Note); Kyoto (1964: Ojc); Buhaina (1973: Prestige); Reflections in Blue (1978: Timeless); Album of the Year (con Wynton Marsalis, 1981: CD Timeless); Not Yet (1988: Soul Note).

    more stuff....

  • Billie Holiday (1915-1959): The Quintessential Billie Holiday voll. 1-9 (1933-1942: CD Columbia); Live and Private Recordings in Chronological Order (1935-1959: CD Jazz-Up); The Complete Decca Recordings (1944-1945: CD GRP/BMG); The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve (1945-1959: box CD Verve); The Complete 1951 Storyville Club Sessions (1951: CD Fresh Sound); At Monterey 1958 (1958: CD Black-Hawk).

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