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Hello! Welcome to my Home Page.

Well, I've finally made the move! I've now got my own domain, so please go and visit: - my new site. This site is not updated at all any more - but then I've been out of Uni for over 6 years, so you can tell that! Thanks for stopping by though.

Hello! Thanks for visiting - amazingly loads of people have been to visit - why though I'm not quite sure! I have moved jobs again - ever onward and upward! Now I'm working as Project Manager for a VIP charter aircraft operator - really enjoy it, learning so much every day (been here over 5 years, which is saying something!) I'm back on the Internet now so I will attempt to renew my site as soon as I can - in the meantime, thanks for visiting! Please sign the guestbook!!



The Conservative Party - in 5 years you'll all realise the mistake! Or Click Here
University of Plymouth
Tom Gabriels Home Page - Hiya Tom!
Fr.Ted - The Craggy Island Examiner
Yahoo! Search - or fill in the form below.
University of Wales, Bangor - where Jon and Owen try to get an education (ho ho)!
Royal Aeronautical Society

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* The Craggy Island Examiner *

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