This Page will be used to gather and share information about the Bomarc Missle. At this time it is {Still, and always} under construction, so please watch the dust.....

My Current Bomarc Project. This will be a 10 foot (7 1/2 inch diamter) 1/4 scale Bomarc.

Bomarc Links :

Other Areas of Interest :

  • High Power Rocketry
  • Kalman Drivers
  • C & C
  • Ring Laser Gyro
  • Old Rocket Kits By Estes or Centuri

Current Project :

  • A 10 foot Bomarc. My hope is that It may be used for Level 3 certification flight.
  • It will use Glide recovery, and GPS to return to where I want it to.

If you have information...

Please send email to: