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Welcome to my not even close to finished page!   I'm not sure how long it will take to make this the way I really want it to be because of school and other things that must be done first.   Hopefully I can get it at least close to what I want it before midterms!  Then again I work on this more from school then home, so I'm not sure what will get done and what won't.

Check back roughly every 7 days to see if any changes have taken place.

If you would like to know a little about me go here and find out as much as I am willing to tell!

If any of these links or pages are not working it may be because I am currently working on them or perhaps I took them down to replace later with a better one..   Sorry for any inconvience

Mad Cowz Pasture

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The Offspring..Best group ever!!

Tori Amos

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If your looking for some really hot Improv Comedy, and your in Philadelphia, I suggest checking out Polywumpus down on South Street. It's the best improv I've seen in a while. Go check out their if you can! It may be a silly name, but I don't know anywhere else that can make you laugh any harder without costing you a pocketfull.

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