to Anne Bonny's Ghost Ship

I'm Anne Bonny,
also known as tidewater,
and you,
brave adventurer,
may learn more about me

Here is a view of the Pacific Ocean at Road's End in Lincoln City, Oregon,
courtesy of JonnyCam.

This webcam image comes to us from JonnyCam.com, located on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. The image is updated throughout daylight hours. I thank my friend Jon and JonnyCam.com for allowing me to use this image on my site.

Find more Oregon Coast LiveCams, including JonnyCam,
on my new Oregon Coast Cams page!

Tesslynn O'Cull was barely three years old
when she died June 13th, 1997, of extreme child abuse and torture---
at the hands of her mother's live-in boyfriend---
in my city of Springfield, Oregon.
Her death--- the worst of too many in Oregon---
is a constant reminder to me and my friends
that we
cannot ignore what is happening to children around us.

I hope you, too,
will decide to take a stand against this evil.

Don't let Tess have died in vain.

Let's get involved.
Thank you.

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