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Welcome to Harvey's Page

Thanks for stopping by. I tend to be a bit of a shutter bug, and for various reasons, I travel from here to there (so far though, only in the Continental United States) . No matter where I wander, I tote my camera(s) along. On these pages you can share the sites of the U.S. vicariously. Sure, there's some other stuff too, but basically, this is about pictures of places I've been, or things I want to share.

Some people think I tend to be a bit verbose at times as well. Thusly, I can rarely let a photo speak for itself. Some folks say the writing is the best part. I"m not sure if they are complementing my writing, or insulting my photography. Probably both. You decide.

Yes, I've wussed out. I used to to all my HTML by hand -- then I used Word, then I used FrontPage 97, and at the height of my laziness, I've succumbed to FrontPage 98. To all those grass root HTML "coders" out there -- I apologize. I have been assimilated. This is sooo easy though. You ought to try it. Here, just one hit won't hurt...

This page was last updated on 11/05/98.