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Jadcy-Core Enters Development
Jadcy-Core Communications enters development phases for our website. We hopefully expect to be up to speed in the next month.

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Who We Are

Jadcy-Core Communications evolved from an inspiration derived with the idea of increasing the exposure of Non-Profit Organizations through free access to Web Site Developers, Designers and Authors.  In other words, Jadcy-Core Communications offers Non-Profit Organizations the ability to talk, interact and design Web Presence sites with the assistance and cooperation of volunteer Web Developers, Designers and Authors.

Why We Do It

Most Non-Profit Organizations are run by poeple who have a goal, message or project/program that benifits the world at large.  Unfortunatly, these same organizations tend to be ignored and shoved aside in lue of larger entities.  Many times, Non-Profit Organizations are not known beyond their local area, no matter how noble the effort.

We want to change that.  There are alot of Non-Profit Organizations out there that can't afford advertising of any kind, let alone Television, Radio or Print advertisments in any larger city or circulation.  It takes money to advertise, and it takes notority to get money.  Its a vicious cycle that has existed for ALL companies since there was such a thing, but it was none more obvious than in the Non-Profit sector.  That is, until now.

The Internet is the "Mass Media" of the future and through it you can reach those poeple who need to be reached (or better yet, they can reach you), but only if you can hire a design, development and implimentation staff to make it happen.  It all comes down to available resources.

Chances are, someone in the Organization knows HTML or has "surfed the web", but does that qualify them to create your face to the world?  Of course not.  Thats like saying because someone was the manager at a local fast food chain, they are ready to become the President/CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  It can happen, but the odds are stacked against it.  Like the addage goes, You only have 1 chance at a good first impression.  The internet is no different, and in some ways, its more prudent.

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