I am Uriel M. Dualos, head of the Dualos Family of El Paso, Texas. We are a Filipino family, originally from Cebu (the Queen City of the South), located in the south central area of the Philippine islands. My wife (Dial) and I originate from the same little seaside barrio or town called "Tapilon," found at the northern most tip of Cebu.

Years ago, our families ventured away from the motherland in search of a better life here on the Western hemisphere. From Canada, to the U.S., and back to Cebu I went only to meet my destined soul mate in my town of ancestry.

Little did we know that we would one day go back to where our parents started out only to find each other. We have experienced the true "Circle of life." All our searching brought us back to square one. Now we are here in the U.S. once more, starting a new life together. Come and get to know us! God Bless!

We hope you will enjoy your visit here and please sign our GUEST BOOK before you leave!

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