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Ever considered quitting smoking?

If your answer is a "yes, but so far unsuccesfully", you are at the right place! 

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What is this site all about?

I myself had serious difficulties with quitting cigarettes, but I devised a method that requires only very little effort and has good results. I would like to share my approach with other people of the web, since I found existing materiall to be too much non-smoker oriented.

Why to quit smoking?
Some say that smoking is bad for your health. 
I think it highly depends on the person smoking. It may be bad for some and neutral to others. My grandpa smoked all his life and died when he was 83, which is way above the average mortality age in our area. And he didn't even have filters. 

Smoking smells bad.
Now that is better. You will definitely have difficulties when approaching a non-smoking female or male, and try to be attractive, as your smell is part of the first impression.

Smoking makes it difficult to get good jobs
Here where I live most employers would hire a non-smoking applicant instead of a smoking one. This is against the constitution and all human rights I know of. But anyways, they keep doing it. You may pretend that you are not smoking but on a long run it will turn out real bad.

Smoking can get very expensive
As for me, smoking took up about 5-8% of my wage (well, try to gess what I do for a living :) ). That is a lot of money.

The reasons for quitting are: the enormous social pressure we experience and the money we could spend on something else.

The method I made up
It is fairly simple: smoke less and less, gradually. Example: you smoke 1 box a day for years as your regular dosage - now try and smoke 2 boxes in each 3 days for a month. Then get down to one box in two days and so on. Hooking on to cigarettes was a gradual process, so that is how quitting should be! This way you will not even need enormous willpoweer - must refrain for only 30 minutes more than yesterday...

Whatever is here at this site
1, A detailed description of the method with further instructions on how to refrain, how to measure and how to approach this problem > here.
2, An Excel table to for you to download to help you keep track of your progress > here.

Click here to get to the details or here to download the table.

Never ever feel guilty if you fail! There is a lot of intolerance in non-smokers, no matter how much you try to care for them. But still, the truth is is fuzzier than the commonly accepted. And two hundred years from now caffeine will be on the actual hate-list.

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