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Name - Ron

Location - Yokosuka/Yokohama, Japan

Occupation - U.S. Navy onboard "USS INDEPENDENCE"

Thoughts - One of God's greatest creations, in my opinion, is Woman

Motto - Trust but verify

Currently living in Japan. I have one wife and two children (Son in states and daughter in college over here). I've been in Japan on and off for about 20 years. Enjoy site seeing, reading, movies concerts (both contemporary rock and classical). Really dislike raggae

I'm sensitive to people's problems and/or disabilities, but I do not believe in Political Correctness to any great extent. I mostly call them as I see them. I'm content with myself and my life. Accept me as I am. I do.

"My Australian Visit"

"My Writings"

"Visit Japan(under construction)"


(I don't rationalize much about how an artists sings or what they sing about. I like songs and artists because their music is enjoyable to me as music not as political or social statements.


           Female Artists                       Male Artists

Janet Jackson Elton John

Mariah Carey Kenny G

Whitney Houston Meatloaf

Toni Braxton Michael Jackson

Gloria Estefan George Michaels

Anne Murray

Regine (Phillipina)

Vanessa-Mae (British)(Violin)

Mariya Takeuchi (Japanese)

Amy Grant

Celine Dion

I enjoy classical music very much if my mood is right but I don't know enough about it to give you composers


If I had to pick one movie, it would be "Bed of Roses," BUT, I enjoy all types of movies from action, to drama, horror, historical, tear jerkers. I have no favorite actor/actress or favorite movie. It would to be unfair to say this movie is my favorite or that star is the best, because each one is special in themselves.


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This poem wasn't in the collections:


So silent I when Love was by

He yawned, and turned away;

But Sorrow clings to my heart,

I have so much to say.

.....Although this poem was originally written by a woman referring to a man, There have been times when I should have said something, as I'm sure many of us have experienced..........

Special Thanks to Lynda Engstrom"

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