Recent projects by Node Engineering Corp., an international engineering and architecture firm
Knock at the door of a steel house near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
This project features the use of structural steel, concrete floors, and light non-bearing walls. The design aims for comporary living, open space, and transparency.
Back to basics. A simple and affordable house near Brussels, Belgium.
The house of the architect, when the architect is also an artisan and a craftman.
Images of imagined objects.
Steel recycled into new steel furnitures and other sculptures.
Visit the Bellone in Brussels.
An outstanding example of renovation in the heart of Brussels, where an audacious steel and glass canopy transforms an ancient building into a modern and vibrant community hall.
NEW! The application of structural steel to single-family residential construction ,
a report for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. May 1999.

Read the abstract and the executive summary. You may also order a free copy of the full report.

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