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Hi, My name is Dale Wright. I am divorced and have since met a beautiful and one of a kind lady, Christy, whom I adore and is the LOVE of my life. I was blessed to meet someone who adores me greatly and loves my children unconditionally. She has 3 children (Coby, Hawk, and Blythe) and I have 4 children (Chris, Michelle, Amanda, and Joseph). Christy's children are the same ages as my 3 oldest.

My oldest son, Chris, graduated fromNewman Smith High School and elected to join the Marines. He left for boot camp on August 18, 1997 located in San Deigo, Ca.. He is currently stationed at Camp Pendelton, Ca.. Michelle, Amanda and Joseph did attend ACE Model School of Tomorrow, a private Christian school with individualized Bible-based curriculum until the divorce. Amanda and Joseph currently attend public school.

I was an Application Analyst at Mobil Oil Corp. I worked with the Technical Computing Center of Expertise maintaining Oil and Gas applications on PC, NOVELL LAN, Windows 3.11 and Windows NT 4.0 environment. Now, I am a System Specialist Technician with EXXONMOBIL Corp.. I provide a wide range of services within the Technical Computing arena. I install programs into a standard operating environment and provide end user support for those applications.

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    Here are a few things that Dale ponders on

    If "PRO" is the opposite of "CON", what is the opposite of "PROGRESS"?

    Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest but ducks when someone throws a gun at him?

    Why do fruit juices have artificial flavor and dish washing soaps have real lemon?

    Why did Mrs. Howell in Giligan's Island take so many clothes on a 3 hour trip?

    Would the ocean be deeper if there weren't any sponges?

    Why do people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

    Do you know what politics is? Poli means many and tics are little blood suckers.

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