German soldiers on a captured Renault tank

Great War Historical Society

Our Motto: "This is the Great War, everyone dies"

The Great War Historical Society (GWHS) was established to promote the history of the forgotten war: World War One or as it was orginally called The Great War.

The GWHS is based in Southern California with members located throughout California. We promote the history of the Great War by having living history displays and battle re-enactments at our battle site: Jack Rabbit Trails (JRT). Countries represented are: Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, United States.

The Jack Rabbit Trails re-enactments are usually held in the months of March & December each year. These re-enactment are 24 hour battles with a full scale trench system, bunkers, and barbed wire. Each re-enactment is started with a barrage of artillery blasts followed by a charge through no-mans land. The battle rages on throughout the day with gas attacks. At night you creep through no-mans and slip under the enemy wire as flares light the sky. You pounce into the enemy trench with grenades and trench knifes ready to kill or be killed.

Warning: The Jack Rabbit Trails re-enactments are not for the weak of heart. Once you have survived a battle at JRT, all other period re-enacting will not satisfy you cravings for Death, Destruction, and Decay!

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