Hi there...welcome to my homepage! Its not much, but I hope you browse around, anyway, and don't forget to visit my sponsors!
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Science Fiction Page
I like anything that has to do with science fiction. So I've got some X-Files trivia, links to sci-fi zines  and other stuff
Be Environment Friendly...
You've probably heard it about a million times, but we really should take care of our planet. Do your part and make a difference!
Puzzles and Stuff
Test your logic in these mind-boggling puzzles...I also have a indulgence advisor (especially for women) during those bad hair days and a compatibility meter
Fun Facts
Did you know that the average man consumes about a ton of food and drink in a year? Read more fun facts in this page
My Favorite PC Games
Here's some of my all-time favorite PC games. Most of them are adventure-type games with lots of puzzles, but I like strategy and simulation games, too...and check out the cool game cheat generator!
Selection of Poems
My favorite poems, from Shakespeare to Blake. You might be familiar with most of them, but they're always fun to read over and over again
Interesting Links
Need help in making your term paper? Want to know the latest in the showbiz world? Looking for helpful tips in managing your PC I've got a few links that might be useful
Pooch Page
This page's full of my pets' pictures. Trivia: They're all named after pastries and desserts!
All About my Country (under construction)
Some people don't even know where the Philippines is on the map, and I think they should take time to learn about our small but friendly nation
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You can also find me on ICQ (my UIN is 8800078) and my ICQ homepage is http://www.mirabilis.com/8800078
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