{{{{{{{{{{ONE WICKED SWEDE}}}}}}}}}}

So... you wanna know more about me...

My names Amanda...thanx to my buds I have some pretty kool nicknamez. Such as: wede,rth,Witch # 2, NYX, BAD GRLL, NIC, Wicked,Trickalicious, & Girl Goddess # 7 (also known as G.G.#7).

I dress like a a *~Sk8tr~*
I guess...kind of hippy,trendy, grunge...whatever suits my mood.

I'm STILL ~NEW~ to all this HTML stuff...so things are going to be changing the more I learn!

As for those of you who care to know what I look like well, I'm 5'9" 117pds, I have golden layered hair, and blue hazel grey eyes. (they change to GrEeN when I'm RAGING!) My nationalities are Swedish, Scottish, English, Irish, Chalktaw, Cherokee, and Contava. I'm mostly Swedish and Indian, it's a funky combinatation, but if you knew me personally you'd think it fits. I was born in 1979, but I wish it was '69, I'm 17...but I will be 18 on Nov.30...my birthday makes me a SaGiTaRiUs! I read my horoscope
every day. Sometimes I believe what it says, and other times it pretty screwed.

I've been told that I'm pretty wild, you know one of those people who don't think about what their doing until after they've done it. I speak my mind whenever my feelings are strong. I hella write all kindz of poetry
. About anything and everything, like My boyfriend Jamez, love, drugs, hate, friends, me, and some other pretty trippy things.

I drive a 1989 *~RED~*Honda Accord, 5 speed. I got my license on Halloween. My car iz my freedom, it's hella sick!. My friendz and I get into all kindz of crazy things with it.

I have a 25 year old brother, and we're nothing alike. Actually we both blade, and don't listen to our parentz. We live by "Don't tell mom". His name is Chad, he and Kasi, his wife, live in Texas...sucx for them (there iz ONE cool thing about Texas that is the HOT weather)...unfortunatly I'm not an aunt yet.

I have 3 cats AC, DC, and Liza A dog named gus, and two rabbits. My cats hella rule.

My favorite colors are Green, blue, yellow, an the shade black. Yellow and Blue are primary colors (you can't mix any other color and get blue or yellow) together they make green (DUH). Black is the absence of all color. Dark and mysterious. Green is just sick!

I was born in Marin general hospital, lived in Petaluma, California until I was 3 years old. Then my family and I moved to Coral Springs, Florida...I lived in that SUN filled PaRaDiSe till I was 6...then we moved back to California (Novato) where I lived for 6 months (we were waiting for our house to be built) Then we moved back to Petaluma, where I have lived ever since....around 11 years. I would kill to live in Coral Springs again.

are high on life.

When I cut school I : write songs & poems, rollerblade, listen to music, go to the beach, & hang out with my friends.

I'm in LOVE with: my boyfriend Jamez...yum, yum, mmm. I can't live without The SUN, Dreams,Rain iz so relaxing, I love listening to it. Thunder & lightening iz hella tight too. Music I CAN'T get enough of all the bands I listen to. *~*JAMEZ is another thing I can't get enough of. HE'Z my weakness. Sunrises, and Sunsets I watch the Sunrise and set everyday...unless it is foggy. After I saw the craft, I've become interested in witches...and NO witches are NOT bad... I go to San Francisco as much as possible, that place is the bomb, it's one of those do before you die type of deals...Last but NOT least Sweden. I'm moving there in a couple years, and I'm NEVER moving back! (You know my parents are thrilled with that decision!

Stuff that I listen to: Led Zeppelin
, Rush,Tonic, The Deftones,NOFX, Self, Goldfinger, Filter, Operation Ivy, KoRn
Tool, Butthole Surfers
,The Doors, Smashing Pumpkins,311,Garbadge,U2
, Bush, Better than Ezra,The Steve Miller band, Primitive Radio Gods,Bad Company
,Nirvana, Queensryche,Liquid Sunshine, Cat Stevens
,HeadBoard(Local band), Jimmy Hendrix, Great White, Def Leppard, Rage Against the Machine
,White Zombie...Seek & Destroy
Cranberries,,Pearl Jam, silverchair, Metallica, Soundgarden, Duran Duran, Depeche mode,Tracy Bonham, Tracy Chapman, Pennywise, Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas & the Papas, Sublime, Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Less than Jake, The Offspring, Hole, Soup Dragons, The Presidents of U.S.A., Dishwalla, an this list goes on and on and on.....etc....

I go to Casa Grande Highschool ...other wise known as *HELL*. I'm NOW A SENIOR!!! I personally DON'T like SCHOOL, and rarely meet any one that does.

After Highschool, I want to persue a career in Journalism, or modeling. I would also LOVE to play in a band, but I just don't see that happening right now.

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Hate is a MESS

This is my hometown Petaluma, the RED X is my house...or where it's located!

People have stomped around in here!!

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