"Who's Rich and Spoiled?" asks Belle with a giggle.

Okay, since Barbie is the "Queen of Upscale Living", then Belle from The Peaunts is definately the "Princess of Upscale Living". I mean, take a look at her. She is stylish and sweet. Not to mention her cutie brother, Snoopy.

Snoopy and Belle at the Rich and Spoiled Beagle Ball

I, AznAphrodite, dedicated this page to Belle because she was the first stuffed animal I remember having. I got her when I was two. She had a red ribbon on her ear and wore a pink dress that said "Belle" all over it with another red ribbon. Somehow, she was destroyed or lost a year later. Then, when I was four years old, I went to Hong Kong with my family. I got very sick after swimming and was sent to the hospital. That was when my parents bought me another Belle, the same one as I had before, and gave it to me. Throughout my childhood, I pulled the noses off plush Snoopy and Belle, including these two Belles and a over 3-foot tall Snoopy that my parents got for their wedding. So the second Belle, which I still have today (it's nearly 16 years old!), doesn't have a nose. Poor thing.
Anyway, I'll turn it over to my baby Belle now. She's going to show you her scrapbook.

Belle's Scrapbook

Hi, I'm Belle! You've meet my mommy already. (Her real name is Rebecca.) I'm almost 21-years-old and my birthday is on July 25, 1983. I have a few distinguishing features. First, I don't have a nose because mommy pulled it off when she was young but she promised to go to a craft store to buy me a new one as soon as she finds a black pom-pom. I also am missing the red ribbons to my hair and dress. Mommy lost those too and she also put a blue alien ink stamp on the back of my pink dress. I have something that other Belles don't though, a red and white polka-dot dress that Grandma made for me.
Well, enough about me, onto my scrapbook! My scrapbook is divided into three sections. Just click on the section you want to see!

My Photo Album

Designer Fashions

In the Comics

Well, that's it! If you ever find pictures of me that I don't have in my scrapbook, please e-mail them to my Mommy! Thanks for visiting!

This Snoopy & Peanuts Webring site owned by Rebecca (& Belle).

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