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Keep smiling, tomorrow will be better
My head is like my signature. Two rams banging heads at each other.
One is called emotional, the other is called logical...
Who wins?
Or are they two happy rams playing on a bright green field, under the shiny blue sky?
Again, who wins?

My autobahn philosophy:

??Have you noticed the behavior of car drivers on the road?
??There is a sloooow mobile... driving merrily... who care if other cars pass by...
??There is another sloooow mobile... driving merrily...but on a single lane road with cars following...
??There is yet another slooow mobile... driving merrily...on the fast lane...
??Have you noticed the behavior of human being in life?

??There is a faaaaast mobile...

Welcome, visitor number

My name... you better know by now!
I was born here .... sometime back.
This is where I spent my precious, wonderful elementary and high school years.
After high school I came to the United States to attend college.
I earned(?) my bachelor degree in Computer Science from this university
and unfortunately, have been working in the software industry ever since.
I am living in this beautiful state in the United States at an area what people refer to as.
Why don't I show my picture? ...can I show one that is some time back?
I am now a independent software consultant.
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