-Windows 98 FAQ-

S I T E   N E W S

[05.30.1999] I actually went and bought Baldurs Gate a few days ago and became instantly addicted to it. If any of you enjoy RPG's and haven't tried it, I strongly suggest it. My friend LadyGoth and I beat it yesterday in multiplayer mode so I will probably start working on the page a little more often again. I have a few updates to make to RemindMe and a lot of stuff I want to add to the page. So keep checking back.

[04.28.1999] Well, not like any of you care, but today is my birthday! :) I'm all of 19 years old now. I worked out the details with putting my Windows 98 FAQ online. It isn't very great yet, but it's a work in progress. Keep checking back to find answers to your questions. If you have any questions you think should be on the FAQ, then please e-mail me.

[04.26.1999] You can now download one of my programs that I wrote in Delphi. It is RemindMe version 4.0. It's just a very simple reminder program. You can download either the source or a compiled version.

[04.23.1999] I put online some of the photographs that I've taken. The Windows 98 FAQ won't be up for a little while because of some problems that I'm having. If you want help with Windows 98 please visit #windows98 on EFnet.

[04.21.1999] Just started creating this site today. It's not going to be a very exciting web site, but I will keep the Windows 98 FAQ up to date and if you are interested in images of mine (computer graphics & photos) you will find many here.