In this space you'll find information
related to Solaris, graphics and
audio. One of my interests used to
be VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling
Language), the 3D graphics standard
for the Internet.

I became interested in VRML in
early 1995, and have since then,
among others, been working on
a VRML 1.0 browser for Solaris.
On this page is a simple VRML
model I've used during development
of the browser, called LAVA VRML.

The final VRML 2.0 spec was
finished on 4 August 1996, but
unfortunately only a few VRML 2.0
browsers have been developed for

But to ensure you that I didn't
turn hopelessly pixel-eyed
by all this, first enjoy this
lovely picture of my sweet...

For contents on this page, see
the page index below.

    • The Solaris Helpers Page
    • The Reindeer
    • Animated Christmas card

    • VRML resources
    • VRML browsers and editors
    • VRML objects/worlds
    • The Virtual Kista model

Music links
Swedish music
Louise Hoffsten
Eva Dahlgren
Adolphson - Falk
Isildurs Bane

Other music
King Crimson Family & Friends Discipline Records
Elephant Talk: Robert Fripp and King Crimson
Adrian Belew
The Worlds of Kate Bush  (includes VRML objects)
David Sylvian
Peter Gabriel
Home Page Replica  (Captain Beefheart)
EnoWeb '96

Music at all?
ogm2.mid  OutGoing Message #2, a smash flop hit on my
phone answering machine since 1995. A General MIDI file.


The Solaris Helpers page

The Solaris Helper Page was announced to the newsgroup comp.unix.solaris on
1 October 1996. It contains setup information for Netscape, and helper applications
and plugins for Solaris to support multimedia files like MPEG audio and video, AVI,
QuickTime, WAVE, MIDI, AIFF, VRML, ...

You'll also find a number of utilities for Solaris there.

Visit the page at

The Reindeer

The Christmas program for year 2000 was a reindeer that walks
and runs around on the screen, sometimes falling down from the top
with a whiste. Download it from the Solaris Helpers page

Animated Christmas Card

Last year's Christmas program was "God Jul" (Swedish for "Merry
Christmas"), a small animated Christmas Card with falling snow
and a burning fire. Download it from the Solaris Helpers page

player for Solaris
mpeg3play is an MPEG layer 2 and layer 3 audio decoder and player for Unix, based
on public ISO/MPEG audio decoder source code. The original software is a slow but
portable MPEG to AIFF decoder, impossible to use as a real-time player. I have
optimized the player for real-time playback, and have modified it for output to the
Solaris audio device.

The mpeg3play source code can currently be compiled for Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/x86,
SunOS 4.x, Linux, HPUX, IBM AIX, FreeBSD and Amiga.

Solaris/SPARC and Solaris/x86 executables of mpeg3play, source code, information
about MPEG audio layer 3, demo sounds and links to more information can be found
on the Solaris Helpers Page.

General information
comp.lang.vrml FAQ
The Web3D Repository
Mesh Mart Virtual Reality & VRML Library
Mesh Mart VRML Update Newsletter
VRMLSite Magazine

VRML 1.0
VRML 1.0C Specification  (VAG)

VRML 2.0
The final VRML 2.0 Specification  (SGI)
VRML 2.0 Information  (VAG)

VRML books
Book list at the Virtual Data Company
The Annotated VRML 97 Reference Manual
        by Rikk Carey and Gavin Bell
Book overview   by Bob Crispen
Books at the VRML Repository

Popular VRML book titles:
The Annotated VRML 97 Reference Manual
The VRML 2.0 Handbook
Learning VRML 2.0
VRML Sourcebook Second Edition
Late Night VRML 2.0 with Java
Java for 3D and VRML worlds

VRML 1.0 browsers for Solaris
VRweb  (IICM, Austria)
Dive  ("Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment" by SICS, Sweden)
WebOOGL  (University of Minnesota Geometry Center)

VRML 2.0 browsers for Solaris
VRwave  (IICM, Austria)
CASUS Presenter  (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany)
FreeWRL  (by Tuomas J. Lukka)
LibVRML97/xmlookat  (by Chris Morley)
Liquid Reality  (Dimension X was acquired by Microsoft in 1997, Liquid Reality
can no longer be downloaded from Microsoft since early 1998)

Other VRML 2.0 browsers
Cosmo Player  (SGI)
Community Place  (Sony)
Live3D  (Netscape)
OZ Virtual  (OZ Inc)
WorldView 2.0  (Intervista)

VRML editors
V*Realm Builder  (Integrated Data Systems)
Virtual Home Space Builder  (Paragraph)
Internet3D Space Builder  (Paragraph)
Calgari TrueSpace  (Calgari)
3-D Website Builder  (Virtus Corp)
VRCreator  (VREAM Inc)

VRML 1.0 worlds/objects
|  Links to HTML pages are in the left column...
|  and links to VRML models are indented
The ACM Chess Challenge: Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
View the chess game
Manual Alphabet 3D
VRML models at
Other Worlds, WebMaster Inc
VRML Objects by Vertex
Planet 9 Studios and two of their example models:
Virtual San Francisco
VRSOMA - Virtual South of Market Area

VRML 2.0 worlds/objects
Hermetica: VRML Experiments
Chris Thornborrows VRML Page
Justin's Experimental Pages
Mesh Mart
Rich Gossweiler's VRML 2.0 page
Map of the Future - London's West End
Michael Paulitsch's VRML Examples
Example models at Planet 9 Studios:
Tokyo Overview
Shikjuku West
Shinjuku East

Virtual Kista

And finally, my small (only about 20K) VRML model of where I live: Kista north of
Stockholm, often called the "Silicon Valley" of Sweden. The model is written by hand,
which explains its small size. VRML is still much like assembly - you have to tune
models by hand to get the smallest size and the best frame rate.

The model is provided in both VRML 1.0 and 2.0 formats:

The pre-defined viewpoints in the model are

  1. Kista_overview_from_south (default viewpoint)
  2. Kista_centrum
  3. Johans_house
  4. Sun_office_building
  5. Sun_Johans_corridor
  6. Arriving_from_Arlanda_airport
  7. E4_to_Stockholm_city

Here are screen snapshots of viewpoints 1 and 4 if you don't have a VRML browser.

The size of the original VRML 1.0 file with comments, indentation etc. is 38K, but a small
Tcl script I call munge has removed much excess data from it by "eating up" whitespace
characters and by reducing the floating point precision. Initial comments have been left
unchanged to preserve author, copyright etc (although this is not the recommended place
to put this kind of information - Info nodes should be used instead).

You can download the munge script here, but note that it has only been tested with VRML
1.0 files, and that you must always carefully check munged files to verify that the script
has worked correctly. The name of the scipt is munge.txt due to naming conventions on
this site. Rename to munge.tcl or munge after a download.

  Solaris games
Ever seen this character?
It's Googelon, an idealistic young monster from Osaka bay.

To meet Googelon and his fellow monsters, download the 3D game battalion, written
and copyrighted by Andy Johnson from the battalion home page. battalion is currently
available for SGI, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and Mac.

I have been working on speed improvements and sound support for the Solaris version
of battalion during the summer '96, and the current version 1.3 (released by Andy in
August 1996), includes many of the improvements to make the Solaris version of
battalion more fun to play.

Sun binaries can be downloaded from the SGI-less battalion page.

    That's all   \o/      This page isn't frequently updated since I'm
     for now      |       spending most of my free time on software for
                 / \      the Solaris Helpers page, but things may change...

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