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Well, since you're already here...

...please make yourself comfortable. Do you know me already? No? Nice to meet you! My full name is Goytá Fernandes Villela Junior, I'm Brazilian, 38 years old and single. I was born in Belo Horizonte, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, but now I live in São Paulo, a crazy, wild metropolis of 16 million inhabitants (yes, that's correct!) which is, according to the U.N., the largest city in South America and the fourth largest in the world! I work as a systems analyst at the Informatics Dept. of Albert Einstein Hospital, one of the leading and most prestigious medical centers in Brazil. A hospital is the perfect workplace for me, because I actually graduated in Medicine! But you'll have the chance of learning how and why I came to work with computers instead of patients, and a lot of other things about myself, if you have the patience of browsing through my links:

Have you ever met anyone called Goytá? I doubt it... unless you know me or my father! So, perhaps you would like to learn something about this strange name of mine (so would I...). Now you can also hear me pronounce it.
Interested in knowing more personal details? I have made an imaginary self-interview as a kind of "Goytá's FAQ."
Photographic Gallery OK, so you are curious and want to know what I look like? You can have a hint from the caricature above, but anyway I have a small photographic gallery for you to take a look (with thumbnails to spare your bandwidth). New pictures added on March 7 and 19, 1998.
A second self-interview deals exclusively with computer-related topics.
What about my education, career, etc.? My résumé is now online.
What is this stuff of Medical Informatics all about?
Are you lost in the Web? Got that uncomfortable feeling that the information you need has to be somewhere out there, but you don't know how to find it? Don't despair! My friend Scott Nicholson from Denton, Texas, USA has made a great on-line wizard for determining the best Web search engine for your specific need, and then searching it. So, if you need to find something on the Web and beyond, don't be afraid: Ask SCOTT!

I support the Golden Key Campaign to protect privacy in the Internet, and have two PGP public keys, one in the old 2.6.3i format (RSA encryption) and another in the new 5.xi/6.xi format (DSS/Diffie-Hellman encryption). Please feel free to pick up and use either of them, according to your software version and convenience. You don't know what PGP is? Then visit Ståle Schumacher Ytteborg's PGP International Home Page. And you can read more about what I think about the privacy/cryptography issue on my page about computer-related topics.
Comments? Criticism? Suggestions? Death threats? Marriage proposals? Whatever? E-mail me at gfv@brazilmail.com. My ICQ number (UIN) is 2520581 (page me now).

...have fun!

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Copyright © 1996-98 by Goytá F. Villela Jr. (gfv@brazilmail.com). Last updated on March 28, 1999.

The caricature you see on top of this page was made in 1993 by my friend Luiz Carlos Morato da Silva Jr., who works as a systems analyst in my hometown, Belo Horizonte. (Yes, I know it's a waste of talent!) Thanks, Morato!

Thanks also to Franz E. Arnold for scanning some of my pictures, and arigato to Mary Kamimura and Ricardo Sato for the welcome message in Japanese (irashaimase!).