Melbourne,Victoria, AUSTRALIA

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I'm 5'6", blonde hair, hazel eyes, 65 kilos
INTERESTS:Sports, Videos (good movies), most types of Music, Reading, Computers and Video Conferencing.
I live in Melbourne,Victoria,Melbourne is a Great Sporting City,the Major Sporting Capital of Australia.It has second Biggest Gay Scene in Australia as well.

See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.

Boys 4 Life-Adults Only,100% FREE Video Conferencing,and Much more,No AVS's,No Credit Cards Needed,But Proof to state that you are over 18 Years of Age,or Older in Some Countries.

Shopping Plaza,Great Deals and Prices.

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Gay Billabong's Community and Hot Links!

Gay Billabong's Koala Corner!."

My Friend's "PenPal Connection"

Tony and Chandler actually helped me get this Website up and running over 6 Years Ago.They Open "PenPal Connection" and its the most Popular Gay,Bi and Lesbian PenPal Site on the Net.Its a 100% FREE,again great Guys,as they Sponsor it and the Full Time Staff themselves,I 100% Garantee you can get as many Penpals as you want from all over the World.

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Can you Sign and answer a couple of Questions in the Visitors Book,You must be 18 Years Plus to Join the Free Video Conferencing Community,No AVS,or Credit Cards Needed,Just a Email Stating that you are of LEGAL Age in the Country you live in,to View Nudity,etc.Its a 100% FREE.

Email to Apply for FREE ACCESS to Video Conferencing."
Place Name,Knickname,Country and Email Address,and Confirm you are 18 years or over,to get 100% FREE Access to Video Conferencing Area Etc."

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This Website was Started and all information is Copywrited.Any Information or Questions you require,you can Email me, and if I can, I reply to your Requests,Thank You.