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A story a "girl"

I wonder when will i have the courage to be like the others.....


Different types of Cross-dressers

While the word transvestism literally means cross-dressing - the word comes from latin; trans (cross) and vestia (dress) - not all cross-dressers are transvestites.

1. Transsexual believes himself or herself to be member of the opposite sex trapped in the wrong body.

2. Fetishistic Transvestite finds himself sexually aroused by a female clothing article. This often leads to masturbation which is known that cross-dressing is a sexual act.

3. Double-role Transvestite spends part of his life as a normal heterosexual male and the rest as a woman but has no expressed desire to undergo a permanent sex change.

4. Homosexual Transvestite is attracted to members of the same sex and cross-dresses as a caricature in terms of roles.

So which type do you girls classified as ??????

My story so far.....

I'm a 20 yrs old guy studying in Singapore. Life looks normal but i had a small secrets......I love dressing as a girl.

Coming from an asia country was not easy for me as my family is a tyipical conservative family. They will kill me if they know i x-dress. For the past 15 yrs, i have been living in agony as a boy.......*sob*. I'm a girl trap in a boy's body.......

My first experience of wearing female clothes was at the tender aged of 5. It was my mom's lingerie and the feeling was so nice. Eversince, the urged to dress was becoming more and more until i grew tired of my mums clothing. I need more !!!! I was too embrassed and scared to go and buy those feminine stuff by myself. I had no one to confide to and i'm very helpless and loss. I had to keep all this pain to myself, i afraid i could no longer take it *sob*.

Once , one of my neighbour was caught bullying some neighbourhood girls and was punished by his mother by dressing up as a girl for a week. Everyone laugh at him including me..but deep inside how i wished i was the one being punished !!

I need HELP ! Sisters, please e-mail to me and give suggestions. Maybe you can dress me up or tell me your story and share your experiences.......

HELP i got my photo ready but how am i going to place it in my homepage ???????????????? anyone please help

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